• Robotic Systems Installation
  • Netting/Perimeter Guarding Installation
  • Fulfilment Sorting System Installation
  • Pack Station Installation
  • Gift-Wrap Area Assembly
  • Bar Code Reading Equipment Install

Inbound Area

  • Conveyor Installation
  • Robotic Arm Installation
  • Material Handling Chute Installation
  • Bar Code Reading Equipment Install

Warehouse Wide

  • Wire Management
  • Floor Taping
  • Guard Rail/Bollard Installation
  • Signage Installation
  • Department Floor Hub Setup

Inbound Area

  • Project Inventory Receiving and Management
  • Racking & Shelving
  • Bar Code Reading Equipment Install

Office Admin

  • Project Inventory Receiving and ManagementRacking & Shelving
  • Bar Code Reading Equipment Install

Perimeter Guarding & Fencing

  • The entire area in which the robots operate is fenced off for safety reasons. JJSG manufactures and installs the fences


  • The floor in which the robots operate contains a grid of 1000’s of bar-coded stickers called fiducials. In order for the robots to be able to navigate the floor, the fiducials must be placed exactly, within a ¼” tolerance. JJSG installs the fiducials on the floor utilising survey points and laser guides

Robot Induction

  • JJSG installs dozens of charging stations on the robotic floor, receives the robots upon delivery, uncrate them and “inducts’ them onto the robotic floor

Pod Build

  • Shelving units, which hold the inventory are referred to as pods. They arrive in pieces and JJSG has developed an assembly line process to construct them.The average distribution facility averages 30,000 – 60,000 pods

Warehouse Wide

  • There are numerous openings in the fence line along the robotics floor where stations are installed to allow employees to stow incoming inventory and retrieve sold inventory. JJSG assembles and installs these stations